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Written by Michael LeBlanc   

Torontos-Design-PioneersEric Aldwinckle is the first designer biography in a new 50-page book published by the Communication Designers of Toronto (it helps to have a surname that starts with “A”). The text is largely borrowed from Eric's wikipedia entry, and Eric's spread includes reproductions of his war poster "Notre Armée A Besoin De Bons Canadiens" ("Canada's New Army Needs Men Like You"), and some of his Stratford work.

Other designer biographies include Paul Arthur (1924-2001), Stuart Ash (b. 1942), Ernst Barenscher (b. 1935), Carl Brett (1928-2009), Carl Dair (1912-1967), Gerhard Doerrié (1936-1984), Jim Donoahue (b. 1934), Louis Fischauf (b. 1949), Allan Fleming (1929-1977), Georges Haroutiun (b. 1945), Hans Kleefeld (b. 1929), Burton Kramer (b. 1932), Harold Kourschenska (1931-2003), Laurie Lewis (b. 1930), Tony Mann (b. 1927), Ken Rodmell (b. 1934), Leslie Smart (1921-1998), Clair Stewart (b. 1910), Ralph Tibbles (b. 1932), Leslie Usherwood (1932-1983), and Don Watt (1936).


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…the place doesn’t look quite as awful as I was led to believe, and after all I have been to Oshawa… The town does look rather as though they stopped progress in 1890 and have made no repairs since. Everything looks as though a good coat of paint would do some good...

-Eric Aldwinckle, on Halifax in 1940